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Benoît Marchal, the author of this open source software, and his company stand behind the project. We want you to be successful using and applying our software so we offer the following support options.

We also list options if you would like to donate to support the project.

Working XML Forum

If you need help with the software, you should first turn to the Working XML forum for free assistance. We strive to address every question on the forum but please note that no guarantee can be made.

Please do not contact us directly with support requests or questions unless you are interested in one of our paying support packages. Use the forum if you need free support.

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Support packages

If you need more comprehensive support Benoît Marchal, the author of the software, offer paying support packages, consulting, training and development services through his company, Pineapplesoft.

The services offered in connection with are:

  • email and phone support: starting at 300 euros/350 dollars for a 1 incident pack, 500 euros/600 dollars for a 3 incidents pack and 1000 euros/1200 dollars for a 8 incidents pack. All prices excluding VAT, prices current as of May 2004, subject to change.
  • consulting: if you have been reading the column, you know that all our open source projects trace their origins to customer projects and, conversely, they have been used at customer sites. You can tap our experience for your own projects.
  • training: we offer comprehensive training packages on XML and related technologies. We also offer training packages specifically for the open source projects. Learn from the experts.
  • development services: if you're missing a feature in one of the open source packages, please consider sponsoring its development. Sponsoring not only guarantees that the open source tool addresses your needs perfectly, it also benefits the community.
  • style sheet and XML coding: not sure how to get started? We write the first generation of style sheets and other XML code for you. We document them. You take over or we maintain them for you. You'll be productive with XML in no time.
  • web site management: the all-inclusive solution. If you lack the time or expertise to deploy an XML solution, we configure and administer the software for you. We can manage web sites, online stores, Intranets, PDF production chains or web services.

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Sponsoring the project

If you use our open source software and you would like to say "thank you," please consider sponsoring the project. You can sponsor the development of one specific feature or just help the project as a whole.

If you cannot justify sponsoring the project to your management but you would still like to help, then please consider buying one of our support packages (ultimately it helps us), ordering consulting services or ordering a training from Pineapplesoft.

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